About Preye Odede

Preye Odede is an International multi-award winning gospel singer, songwriter, minister and music director with a mandate to take Gospel Music around the world and restore hope to anyone who believes, and has therefore based his ministry on the foundation of the word of God. He is based in Port Harcourt and Presently the CEO of Script Music.

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  • Sir I was at the edge of giving up on God, in this year 2016 many thoughts came in to my mind, these thoughts made me to ask myself if really God is there, I started to look at my loses more than my gains but after I heard your song, I realized that really he is the same God who protected me and guide my journey from Zimbabwe to South Africa. He’s the same God, who gave me the talent to sing, write poems and books. He’s the same God who gave me a chance to go back to school and complete my primary school and high school. He’s the same God who made me to win all the competitions. He’s the same God who gave me too many second chances to live when I tried to commit suicide. He’s the same God who protected me during Xenophobia attacks here in South Africa. Mr. Preye your song has opened my eyes spiritually. I am now born again and now I am so holding on by God's word and I am so sure that my yesterday will definitely be my story. Please Sir hear me out and consider my story and request.


  • This song gives me so much joy and hope. I bless God for you so much Preye. I almost give up but this song give me so much hope when a friend of mine sent me this song and since then, it has been my National Anthem

    Henrietta F. Askie

  • Just want to say a big thank you again for what God used you to do. At the moment I heard your voice, I was healed spiritually and physically. The way you sang and how your voice sounds in my ears makes me blessed and relieved. Thank you so much for coming last night and till now I have not stopped listening to your songs.I pray i also sing one day to touch someone's life like you did to me. God bless you so much Preye, I so much appreciate.

  • Thank you so very much PREYE for your uplifting, consoling, blessing, spiritual and encouraging song, may the Lord bless you more and continue to inspire us.I feel much blessed and calm, contented too listening to Ebezina Woww. many thanks.

    Lyphatsy Eland

  • So while we were ministering in Lusaka Zambia on the 7th of October 2016, I was interrupted by an usher who mentioned a lady wanted to give a testimony and I paused then called her up. She was pregnant and was long overdue (more than 9month) Doctors were scared she wasn't going to make it and they recommended several local and divers means to for her to be able to have her baby and her life. All they did didn't work and all of a sudden, her sister gave her a song from her phone and that song was "EBEZINA". While she was listening, the baby came out just like that so she decided to call the baby Ebezina. She is alive and her baby is doing very great. She decided to send the birth certificate to us.

    Testimony from Zambia Concert