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Gospel Music Minister Preye Odede is set to release his album; "NO RESTRICTION."
The "NO RESTRICTION" album being his third album in his career features songs that creates an atmosphere for prayer, worship and praise; it is a compilation of professionally produced music pieces that inspires every listener to understand God's unfeigned love and mercy towards us, there by bridging the gap (giving us access to Him) through Jesus. Prior to the official launch of the album project, a song from the album "Nothing Missing" was released together with an official video which was shot by one of Nigeria's foremost Cinematographer, Akin Alabi.
The official release of the "NO RESTRICTION" album is set to go up on the 26th of November 2021, and currently we have the "NO RESTRICTION" singles (which is termed the Anthem for the Album) out on all digital music store world wide and can be gotten via the link attached. The "NO RESTRICTION ALBUM" contains 16 tracks on the online stores and 15 tracks on the hardcopy CD.
The single "NO RESTRICTION" is released as a pre amble to sensitize the listeners about the overall inspiration behind the Album Project, "NO RESTRICTION." 85% of the album project was produced at Script Music Studios, of which Min. Preye Odede happens to be the founder and C.E.O. The album also features internationally recognised music ministers, producers and other key players to the project's success of which includes: Min. Bukola Bekes, Min. Pamela Scott, and Min. Michael Stuckey (Atlanta, Gerogia, USA).
Finally, Min. Preye Odede is officially releasing the "NO RESTRICTION" album with his Debut World Tour happening live at the Cultural Centre, Yenagoa, Bayelsa (his state of origin).

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